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ECN broker and stops

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Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.08.11 13:13 

I am pretty sure that for some time it has been possible to send orders to an ECN broker with a stop loss as long as it is from an EA.

I was getting the invalid stop error on the latest EA that I am working on and just couldn't find the problem.

I changed the code to send the order without the stops and followed with an OrderModify and everything is good.

Seems that they have reverted to the old way. 

whroeder1 2015.08.11 15:54  
  1. Market: Pre-build 600 couldn't. Sometime there after yes. Last (tester) run with 840 still worked with stops.
  2. Pending Pre-build 600 I couldn't. I think it was comparing current price vs stops instead of pending price vs stops. I gave up and only use market orders.
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