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Rawsteen 2015.07.30 20:03 

MetaTrader 4 verison 4.0 Bulid 840 WONT COPY/INSERT/SHOW INDICATORS/CUSTOM INDICATORS IN MT4 (MAC using wine)

The indicator wont show in my navigator or or indicator folder, I can't copy any indicator thats in the folder or paste a indicator in that folder. I can't copy or paste anything in the mt4. I don't know what to do from here can someone help me please... Thanks 

whroeder1 2015.07.30 20:32  
"in the folder" in what folder (there are no mind readers here?) Data Structure in MetaTrader 4 Build 600 and Higher - MQL4 Articles 17.02.2014
Rawsteen 2015.07.31 02:53  

Here are pictures of the problem..

This is the MT4 program Im using on my MAC through Wine. 

The mt4 program I am using on my Mac Computer through Wine 

File>Open Data Folder>Wine Explorer


Click the MQL4 folder


Click the indicators folder


I can not copy any of these indicators or paste any custom indicators inside this folder. I don't understand why I can't complete any of these commands (PROBLEM)


2nd Option: find indicator folder through the Application (show package Contents) 










As you can see the highlighted indicators are my indicators I pasted in this indicator folder. 




BUT they do not show up in the MT4 Program or in the Navigator Panel


How do I fix this problem to use the indicators.. I have tried many things and for weeks and had no success.. PLEASE HELP me solve this problem its slowing down my trading.. Thanks 

Ali Akcaagac
Ali Akcaagac 2015.07.31 08:43  
The answer is quite trivial. Make sure you have read/write access to that directory and the files. Also differ between root (Administrator) and <yourusername> (User) accounts because OSx is an unixoid Operating System. With other words, know how to use your Operating System first.
Rawsteen 2015.07.31 22:50  


I did the read/write command on the MT4 and all the files it still was no success. I did not understand the  differ between root (Administrator) and <yourusername> (User) accounts because OSx is an unixoid Operating System. With other words, know how to use your Operating System first. I am lost there when it comes to that. I don't know what else to do can some one help please.

Rawsteen 2015.07.31 22:52  
 I am lost, I don't know what else to do can some one HELP PLEASE!! PLEASE HELP with a solution
Ali Akcaagac
Ali Akcaagac 2015.08.01 04:22  

Ok let me retry this.

OSx as well as Linux, BSD and other similar Operating Systems differ between user accounts and administrator accounts. Also Windows has this. The administrator (root) is allowed to do everything on your system. The user accounts ususally are allowed to do user operations on your system. Your problem is, that you like to deal with files and directories that have different access rights on the directories and/or files.

Which exactly I can not say because I am not sitting behind your computer.

On OSx the Applications directory /Applications (the leading slash is written on purpose) is a directory where usually the administrator has write access to. Read access by all users but write access by administrator. The users can usually read and execute the files from that directory but not writing inside that directory. Writing, reading, executing all this can be done by administrator.

So what you did is this:

You copied all the *.mq4 files into the Indicator directory. This is ok. But you probably ran "wine" as user. The wine process is being started as user and the user (as we learned before) is not allowed to write in the /Applications/Wine(...whatever ressource) directory. Therefore your *.mql4 files can write *.ex4 files inside that directory. Most likely also the leading "!" or "#" symbols are not understood (or allowed) file names by wine. This of course could be another problem.

So what you need to do is this:

a) check if the entire wine directory (starting from the root of wine) has read/write permissions for the user account.

b) check if the entire wine directory (starting from the root of wine) has ownership for thet user account.

c) check if the *.mql4 files you copied in the Indicator directory has valid file names, so wine can handle them.

These usually are basic knowledge you need to have if you deal with OSx.

Wine is not a usual OSx application. OSx applications usually are dragged into /Applications folder and you are most likely being asked for the administrator password to do so. Once these programs start they usually write preferences, settings, config and other stuff in the home folder of the user account. So with other words. You will never be writing into the /Applications folder. Wine otoh is different. If it resides in the /Applications folder and also installs MT4 into that folder then you most likely WILL not be allowed to write into that folder and all subfolders until you give your user explicit rights to do so.

Probably solution:

Move the entire "AxTrader MT4 OSX" folder to your home directory (or your desktop) and re-try everything again.


This is not a Metatrader issue that you report here. This is also neither an AxTrader or Wine issue.

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