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COACCAUNT 2015.07.17 19:28 

Hello Mql Team,

i have downloaded MT 5.

In mt5 you see the MAMA ea and the MAPSAR expert advisor.

  • I want ask you kindly:     Have you an recommdation, for which pair, or index or metal,  these ea`s , and on which timeframe,  these ea`s profitable working ?

 How much must the account funding? 50$ or 500$ at least i.e.  .

Kind Regards.


JD4 2015.07.17 22:16  
I recommend going to the MQL5 forum.  Not that we don't like having you here, but this site is more based on the MQL and MT4 side of things, not MT5.
COACCAUNT 2015.07.24 16:07  

Yeah it ´s ok,

but you see in mt4:

                                                                                                             THE MACD SAMPLE and MOVING AVERAGE EA:

Can you offer for your Clients and all mt4 users a guide, please:

For example:      MACD SAMPLE works for this pair or cfd in this timeframe perfect.

                         You offer, please, the pair, the timeframe and show the results with a Picture, who shows the exponential growth,- with a account information like 100$ or 500$ at least.  

The same for the moving average ea, please.

All clients and users are happy.

Kind regards


JD4 2015.07.24 16:18  

MT4 designed stuff does not work with MT5, and MT5 stuff does not work with MT4, so you can see why the confusion, as you said you just downloaded MT5.

If you found those two things on the MT4 market, then there should be a description with each program as to what they do.  There is a high likelihood that there are similar indicators on MT5's marketplace as well.  All of that information you are looking for would likely be included on the marketplace entry.

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