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Some periods of my data not recognized by strategy tester? Can I trust my results?

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master_dude 2015.07.15 06:44 

hi all,

I had planned a backtest this morning when found that the mt4 strategy tester returned no significant results. i couldn't understand this as my initial test was a direct duplicate of a test i did recently which yielded plenty of significant results. i decided to uptick ‘skip useless results‘ and run the test again. the result was that for all passes besides one the EA did not take any trades and returned 0 throughout the result table. I could understand this so i looked through my EA code and found everything to be the way it was last time i did the test.

Then i tried to run the test on a different period simply to compare. Then the tester had NO problem? I provided me a list of significant passes paired with values for my parameters. Then I choose some different periods again simply to check what was going on. The result was that on some periods I could do a backtest and on other I could not. For example, some parts of march and april on the eurusd gave no results, but other parts of april where fine. January february fine, but june july not. If I do a test from february through march it will be ok - but how can I know if it really included the march data?

This is all very mysterius to me and Im not sure what to do....? I can't really trust my results. Is my data screwed or is this problem with the strategy tester?

 Hope someone can help... 

whroeder1 2015.07.15 12:19  
You need history (and all smaller TF) to test.
master_dude 2015.07.15 15:04  
You need history (and all smaller TF) to test.
well im testing on 5min and have always been testing on 5min... Im not sure exactly what do you mean by : I need history and smaller TF to test? thanks for your reply.
JD4 2015.07.15 18:12  
Well, since 1 minute TF is smaller than 5 min, maybe the 1 min history.
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