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Tick data from different brokers leads to different results in Strategy Tester

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brettosm8 2015.01.09 23:59 

Hi there,

I downloaded tick data from 2003 from Dukascopy and used it to test my EA.  I found that for the period 05/14 - 12/14 the balance graph is very different, compared with the tick data from Pepperstone I was using, so different trades are being placed depending on which tick data is used.

Can you please advise what I can do about this, what the best way is to test my EA?

Thanks so much.

whroeder1 2015.01.10 00:43  
  1. Did you disconnect (network or using invalid login) from the broker before using the tick data so the data is NOT updated with current broker data?
  2. Did you set a specific spread, than using the last known? (Could be large over weekend and during new releases.)
  3. The feed for every broker is different. Some differences is expected. How your EA reacts to them is part of the EA.
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