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Output Custom Indicator Buffers from an Include Function

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paddythehotmail 2015.07.14 19:20 

Hi Guys, 


I'm stumped on some code...can you help? 


I've got two functions in an include file (GetA and GetB). I want to use these two functions to populate two arrays that will later be used in two custom indicator buffers.

But for some reason, I can only get one array to populate. Please see my MWE below: 


Am I missing something about only being able to populate one custom indicator at a time within the special function start?  

int start()   {                       
   for(int i = 0; i <= 9;i++) {
      Var_a[i] = GetA(Lookback, T, R);  //Where GetA is a function in an include file
      Var_b[i] = GetB(Lookback, T, S);  //Where GetB is an identical function in the same include file
  Print("Var_a=",Var_a[i]);           //Interrogate the value of Var_a (successful)
  Print("Var_b=" , Var_b[i]);         //Interrogate the value of Var_b  (not successful) Why???
  Print("Var_a=",GetA(Lookback, T, R));  //Directly Interrogate the value of Var_a (successful)
  Print("Var_b=",GetB(Lookback, T, S)); //Directly Interrogate the value of Var_b (successful)
honest_knave 2015.07.14 20:19  
Please can you show the code where you declared/sized the arrays Var_a[] and Var_b[]
Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.07.14 20:23  

We don't know whether Var_b[] is an indicator buffer or an array

If it is an array, have you sized it? 

paddythehotmail 2015.07.15 17:02  

Hi guys, 


Thanks for chipping in. I have defined Var_a and Var_b globally at the beginning of my code. Apologies, I should have included it. 

So I define the the variables globally as an array (without sizing them), then look to use those arrays as a buffer for my custom indicator.  


#property indicator_separate_window
#property indicator_buffers 5

#define THRESHOLD 0

#include <Functions.mqh>

extern   int      Lookback       =  5;

int file_handle;
int file_result;

double Var_a[];
double Var_b[];


SetIndexLabel(0,"Variable A");

SetIndexLabel(1,"Variable B");
paddythehotmail 2015.07.15 17:07  

We don't know whether Var_b[] is an indicator buffer or an array

If it is an array, have you sized it? 

Forgive my stupid question GumRai, can it be both? My understanding is that I have defined Var_b[] as an array. I then call on this array to populate my indicator buffer

Thank you kindly for your help, I am truly stumped on this one.  

paddythehotmail 2015.07.15 18:25  

Ah, gents I've solved it. 


My problem was that I was actually using 5 buffers, and I had Var_b[] being called using the 5th buffer. So there was a few blank buffers before Vab_b[]. Changing the buffer to the next available free one has worked.

Can I thank you both for taking the time to help, I thought that I had tried this solution before but obviously I'd done something incorrectly. 


Thanks again for your time.


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