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Check points when going to Live account

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Michael 2015.07.08 18:41 


I have been working on an EA and want to try it out with a live account for the first time ever.

Do you have any tips or check points that can be good to look at (that easily can be missed).

The simulator test seem to work fine and currently the EA is running on a demo account.


JD4 2015.07.08 19:11  
Remember that testing on a demo account will most likely not be the exact same on a live account, and be ready to still have to do some tweaking.  Make sure that your code has it hard coded for not increasing lot size without you meaning to.  Be aware that your EA might work better on certain currency pairs and/or time frames.  Go through your code again (at least once more) and make sure everything is how you want it to be before you go live.  It would suck if you lose your entire account because you have your buy and sell choices flipped without realizing it.
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