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Strategy testing

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saqib Abbasi
saqib Abbasi 2015.07.08 09:05 

hey every one


mt4 plateform perform back testing on chart's history bar data or it performs back testing on tick data

Many thanks

ydrol 2015.07.08 13:15  

Hi read this. If you use 'every tick' option then MT will 'made up/interpolated/invent' artificial tick data iusing chart data. (so good M1 is important in this case).

If your strategy makes entries and exits at higher time frames this artificial tick data might be OK for initial/rapid back testing.

If your strategy makes entries within M1, or you want the best back test possible, then you probably want real tick data. 

saqib Abbasi
saqib Abbasi 2015.07.08 18:44  

thanks for your Reply

does mt trader provide tick data so that i can use ?

if mt4 does not provide tick data then  


i have found some third party tick data provider option



can i use any one in mt4,Please suggest to me 

JD4 2015.07.08 18:53  
There are various programs and/or sites that provide tick data.  How accurate it is is open to debate.  Some places charge for access to their information, some are free.  You are more likely to get more accurate tick info from the paid sites, but as long as you know the information could be less than stellar, and are willing to work with it, the free sites are plenty.  I have seen posted a free program called tickstory that, so far anyway, seems to work well for me.  There is also a paid version which has more capabilities.  As far as the testing part, some people have apparently had issues with MT4's testing, and have used external programs for that as well.  I do not know any for sure, as I have not gotten to that stage yet with my (lack of) trading skills.
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