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JD4 2015.07.02 00:58 

While the forum is supposed to be a place to get help with a problem you are having with either MQL4 or MT4, and a place to be able to help others with problems, there are some steps that every forum user can do to help all of us.  First off, remember that we are here by our choice, volunteers for the most part, and because of that, we do not get paid.  Please remember this and be courteous when asking your question(s) for help and with your responses.  Conversely, people responding, please try to be courteous as well in your replies.

Second, have as much information as possible in your post.  Type of problem, what specifically happened.  Don't expect a useful answer if your only listed problem is "it didn't work".  You will most likely get as useful a response if you ask this.  If this is a problem with coding, please say so, and show us what your code looks like.  At least make the attempt to try to code it yourself first.  People are more likely to help you if you showed you made the effort to help yourself already.  If this is a problem with an EA that you paid someone else to code for you, it would be a good idea to try asking them for help first.  When posting your code, there is a button at the top of the comment entry window marked "SRC".  Please make use of it.

If you are having a problem with the trading platform, be aware that while we might be aware of it, there might not be anything we can do about it, because we (generally speaking) weren't the ones that designed and built the platform.  Also, the problem might not even be with the platform but what your broker can or cannot or does not want to do.  We will not be able to help with that either, because we do not have any control over brokers past choosing which one we go to.

Third, even though this forum is predominantly English speakers and writers, not everyone who uses this forum uses English as their primary language.  The person asking for help or answering your question might not be explaining things perfectly to your expectations.  If someone asks for help and they do not ask properly, or they ask for clarification, do not take it personally, and do not expect them to have the same skill level with programming or language that you might have.  Yes, there are people who don't bother reading the answer, or if they see something they don't like just keep asking and expect people to do everything for them.  It is not fair to presume that of everybody.

Lastly, and this is the golden rule for trading.  Trading is risky!  Take any trading advice you see here with a huge grain of salt, no matter who you get it from.  Do the smart thing. Do your own research on trading strategies and figure out what works best for you.

(MQ, feel free to make this post a sticky.)

Hatem Abou Ouf
Hatem Abou Ouf 2015.07.02 03:01  

Thanks .. Nice code for  forum etiquette :)

Mimi 2015.07.02 08:35  
Good one..
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