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Strategy tester cannot put template (possible bug)

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murat caliskan
murat caliskan  

I receive this error ---- Tester: cannot change tested template-----  when I am trying to put my template in the program. In your new update it prevents the templates to be inserted on strategy tester.

When we are doing development we put templates to find out if the system is working according to the logic of the customer. For that reason we have put templates. If we put all the indicators in each start of strategy tester it will take much more time.

Please fix this issue.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  

It's not a bug :

Workaround :




Easy fix!


I use FX Blue - Trading Simulator v2. So in MT4 you open:

1, Metaeditor

2, tester folder 

3, click FX BLUE

4, on the bottom of that window, right click the name and copy.

5, back to MT4.

6, right click on the tamplate.

7, save tamplate.

8, paste the name and save.

9, open tester. It will use the chart you renamed.

 You have to do this with each chart to use the one you need, but still better then nothing.



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