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Is this best idea to combine all my EA's together? Share your advise!

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Sherif Hasan
Sherif Hasan 2015.05.29 08:16 


I am using different strategy for for different pairs. currently i coded EA for different EA's for different pairs.

Shall i combine all EA's together? which is better idea or keep as current method?

which is best option? share your ideas...

JD4 2015.06.25 01:15  
Since you can only run one EA at a time on each active chart, both solutions are possible.  Since you are trying to use a different trading strategy, and are already using different EAs for each pair you are talking about, to me, if it works, don't mess with it.  The only reason to mess with it, if it works now, is to make it work better.  Short answer, keep it the way it is now.
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