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Ali Akcaagac
Ali Akcaagac 2015.05.05 17:25  

Well. You find my last name plastered in the open source world (also in the kernel maintainers file of Linux if you wish). I do understand that posting a decompiled code is getting people up. Therefore I do understand that you are quite upset about Javi. I for one would probably react the same way.

Nonetheless the process of reverse engineering is how people make some open source drivers available in case the copyright owner never released sources or specifications. People tend to disassemble (or decompile) the binary drivers to gather information and / or re-implement it in a clean room. Good examples of this are the open source ATI and NVIDIA drivers for Linux. Mono (which claims to be a clean room re-implementation of .NET) as well as Google's own Java compiler for Android (or was it some API parts: which caused a big issue some years ago when Oracle bought Sun). The example I have given (the part with open source) was more or less refering to the drivers that I also mentioned in that sentence.

Well I don't want to argue about that topic. Maybe the best would be to generally disallow posting of decompiled MQL4 source on this forum. In case this isn't in the rules, I suggest adding it.

@Javi: I do understand your wish to have your code altered. Although posting decompiled code on a developer forum like this was not necessarily the best option. I do understand the anger of the people here - to some degree. As a note. Even if you "bought" the resulting program from someone, then this doesn't make you the owner of the source code or new copyright holder. Of course this depends on the contract that you have.

... now back to code :) 

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