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windows 8.1 - adding a new indicator, does not work....PLEASE HELP

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zebra7860 2015.04.17 19:56 


I am a happy MT4 user over the past few years.  Never had an issue on either Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 but recently I had to upgrade my desktop and it came with Windows 8.1

I simply want to install 3 indicators and it installed one of them, but the other 2 simply didnt work. I am attaching a screenshot showing the path I took to install the indicators.

In my old laptop with Vista, the "MQL4" had several folders such as 'esperts' or 'files' or 'images' or 'indicators' or 'libraries' etc.  However, the Windows 8.1 does not have too many

folders and I need some help.( see attached)  

whroeder1 2015.04.18 01:01  
  1. Don't attach a file, insert the image
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zebra7860 2015.04.24 20:40  

Okay, I managed to install the indicators in the path file<>open data folder.................THANK YOU


The interesting thing is that I have 2 MT4 platforms - GCI and Oanda.  Both were installed in this path and the GCI works perfectly.  However, the Oanda indicators do NOT work.  How is that possible?  Trying

to contact Oanda is like speaking to a wall.  They have no clue how MT4 even works.


CAN ANYBODY HELP???????????????????????????? 

zebra7860 2015.04.24 20:50  

Here is a screenshot showing the path I have in my Oanda MT4.


I clicked on file<> open data folder<>MQL4<>indicators


Other indicators work, but this one doesn't work with Oanda, but does with GCI and due to the fact that I have an account with Oanda, I need this to work.


Again, any help is appreciated 

zebra7860 2015.04.24 20:51  
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