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Ming Luo
Ming Luo 2015.04.07 03:02 

Hi all:

I have a technical problem with the MT4 platform. I have a FOREX.COM real account and want to look for the investor's password.

However, since I opened a demo account, the old mails were flushed out. However, I can find the mail file from the user's directory but it's coded in binary and I can't read it to get my investor's password.

 Is there any way to decode the file mail file or is it possible to load the mail file into the MT4 mailbox so I can read it please?



whroeder1 2015.04.07 12:24  
asuralm: I have a FOREX.COM real account/I opened a demo account
Make up your mind. If it's a real account, ask your broker. If it's a demo, open a new one.
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