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Does anyone know anything about getting something approved for the Market?

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Have you published a program in the Market? Place it in your blog as well - the widget will help!
Donald Gibson
Donald Gibson 2015.02.12 00:12 

I have 9 programs available in the Market,I have written updates for 6 of them but I keep getting responses from the testers that does not make any sense.

It is like they are testing my code for MT5, not MT4.

Any help or direction would be very appreciated.


Timur.mql5 2015.02.11 13:22 EN

The EA doesn't trade in the strategy tester with default inputs.

Server MetaQuotes-Demo.


Timur.mql5 2015.02.10 13:00 EN
Use enumerations for inputs with finite number of possible values

You can use both built-in enumerations and custom ones. Read documentation for more info:



May I know the Input parameter for you RSI EA?


thank you.






hji 2015.02.12 07:56  
I think it depends on how well your description is when sending them to the testers. They could be unable to understand the codes and its functionality,hence the unclear responses.
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