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Can MT4 strategy tester take account of changing tick values?

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ben 2015.02.08 18:37 

As I think understand it, when you are in a trade in a pair, neither of which are your deposit currency you have effectively gone short your deposit currency.

You are exposed to 'cross currency risk' that your deposit currency will change relative to one or both of the currencies that your trade is in. I think this is expressed in the MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_TICKVALUE) function. 

Am I talking nonsense so far?

If the above is true. Does MT4 strategy tester factor in the constantly changing tick values? It would need a tick value for each bar similar to the OHLCV array for each bar.

If anyone could shed some light on this, I'd be very appreciative.


whroeder1 2015.02.08 22:08  
  1. Do not use tickvalue by itself Only as a ratio with TickSize. See DeltaValuePerLot()
  2. 'Testing Features and Limits in MetaTrader 4 - MQL4 Articles says
    The deposit currency can be changed, but conversion prices are set, and the current available ones are used
    So I guess it's constant in the tester.
ben 2015.02.15 12:56  
Thanks, Its sobering to know the limitations of strategy tester.
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