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winterz 2015.02.03 22:47 
Automatically loading .set files on OnInit()?

Concerned when terminal crashes or restarts that the EA will not associate with the .set file required. Looking for it to automatically pull this file and use it on OnInit()?
whroeder1 2015.02.04 02:35  
  1. .set files are internal to the terminal, ignore them
  2. tools -> options -> server -> keep personal settings = checked is all that you need.
winterz 2015.02.04 12:59  

If each .set file had a different name like ( I use same EA across x8 pairs with different .set files ):





 Are you saying that if I am using the same EA and loaded these different .set files at the beginning, upon a crash or restart, the EA would know which file (relative to the Symbol()) it should be using...?


(forgive me if you have misunderstood what I am asking because of my vague first post, but this is what I am concerned with). 

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