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New article: Neural Networks Cheap and Cheerful - Link NeuroPro with MetaTrader 5

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2015.02.02 15:01 

New article Neural Networks Cheap and Cheerful - Link NeuroPro with MetaTrader 5 has been published:

If specific neural network programs for trading seem expensive and complex or, on the contrary, too simple, try NeuroPro. It is free and contains the optimal set of functionalities for amateurs. This article will tell you how to use it in conjunction with MetaTrader 5.

The NeuroPro program was written in one of Russian institutes back in 1998 and is still relevant today. It efficiently runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. I cannot tell how it works on later versions of Windows as I have not tested it.

Version 0.25 is free and can be found on many websites on the Internet. NeuroPro can create multilayer neural networks with the sigmoid activation function. If you have just started learning neural networks, you do not need more features at this stage. It should be kept in mind that the interface of NeuroPro is in Russian and has not been translated into any other languages.

Neural network can be trained on one data array and then tested on another one. It is an essential feature for traders as it allows to understand quickly if the selected network structure is prone to overfitting and if it can consistently trade outside historical data, i.e. on a real account.

Those who like to dig deeper have an opportunity to see neural network weights as well as which network inputs influence the result of network operation most of all. Beginners do not need that and they may skip this part of the program. This information is useful for experienced traders looking for the Grail because it lets them assume what pattern was identified by the neural network and see where they can continue their search.

Other than that, there are no significant features in NeuroPro except various settings and useful utilities like minimizer of the network structure. These menu sections are not compulsory to use so novices do not have to complicate things and use only the default settings.

From a trader's point of view, NeuroPro has only one disadvantage - absence of integration with MetaTrader 5. Actually, this article is mostly dedicated to loading market and indicator data from MetaTrader 5 to NeuroPro and then turn the received neural network into an Expert in MQL5.

Advancing the topic, I can say that the neural network that we are going to create with NeuroPro will be converted with all the neuron weights into an MQL5 script (unlike the system of include DLL like in any other neural network program). It will ensure fast work and minimum use of computer resources. That is a clear advantage of using NeuroPro. It can be used for creating any trading strategies, even scalping ones with their requirement for the Expert to make decisions nearly immediately.

Trading Strategy

In this article we are not going to consider scalping because the process of creating, training and testing scalping Experts has a lot of peculiarities and goes beyond this article.

For educational purposes we shall create a simple Expert for the H1 timeframe and popular currency pair EURUSD. So, let our Expert analyze last 24 bars i.e. market behavior in the last day, forecast the direction of the price movement in the following hour and then trade based on that information.

Fig. 22. Equity chart after the Expert Advisor has been tested in MetaTester

Fig. 22. Equity chart after the Expert Advisor has been tested in MetaTester

Author: Andrew

akki 2015.02.19 17:24  


would you please tell me in short what is the use of this nural networks??

MT4 2015.02.27 00:54  
Could you be so kind to post the example EA for the above article? I have no idea how to implement it into an EA. Thanks a lot!
akki 2015.02.27 19:05  

what are these networks are all about

what is the use of them ????

Robert 2015.03.06 19:03  

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for a very interesting article...! Nice to see how to connect MT5 with neural nets.

Have you considered doing your neural net example to connect with MT4...? 

MT4 has a much bigger user base and that would encourage more people to appreciate what your great article really offers.

Also...I tried to search for NeuroPro to try it...but it's hard to find and doesn't look like very much support for it?

You may consider using a free neural net program called Neuroph instead...

Neuroph is a newer Java supported program with a good user friendly GUI to build and test the networks (without needing to code anything).

Actually...Neuroph looks a lot like the NeuroPro examples you the conversion hopefully would be fairly easy.

Neruoph also works with current and older windows and has both 32bit or 64bit versions for no compatibility problems that I've read about.

In any case...I hope you consider doing the Neuroph/MT4 article...that would be a tremendous help...!

Meanwhile...thanks for a very informative article with lots of possibilities using neural nets...!

Take care,


(Note: This was originally posted on the MQL5 site...but the comments do not show up here on the MQL4 site... Since MQL4 has a bigger user group...and since I hope to implement this article from MQL5 into MQL4...I hope to stimulate discussion on this very good article on this MQL4 site...)

Java Neural Network Framework Neuroph
Neuroph is lightweight Java neural network framework to develop common neural network architectures. It contains well designed, open source Java library with small number of basic classes which correspond to basic NN concepts. Also has nice GUI neural network editor to quickly create Java neural network components. It has been released as open...
Robert 2015.03.06 19:07  

Note: These were copied from the MQL5 site...and since the comments for the MQL5 articles do not automatically get posted on the MQL4 they are to stimulate more discussion...

vitalibol 2015.03.02 03:26 EN

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for a very interesting article. I have one problem with Neuro Pro 0.25. I cannot install  it under Windows 7 pro 64. According read me file it is working under Windows 2000 and MT4.

cosmicbeing 2015.03.06 19:54 EN

Hi vitalibol,

Where did you find NeuroPro 0.25...?

I've seen a few sites that had it...but they were in Russian and required to sign up to download...

If possible...please upload NeuroPro 0.25 here...and I will look at the 64 bit compatibility problem you mentioned...

I have been playing with Neuroph try and implement this example in MT4...

I need to find out how NeuroPro works with the data and creates those "Semaphores" for the MT5 EA...

Thanks for any help you can share,


akki 2015.03.19 18:26  
thanks for the info posts guys !!!
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