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Anamorphic 2015.01.22 15:38 


 I have an idea to visualise the data which MT4 imports to create the charts.

 Firstly, how would I import the data real time into another program - how do I tap into the Forex data feed ?

 What is the data type that is sent out that MT4 reads and converts into charts ?

Failing all of that, could I take the data from the history function that MT4 downloads and import that into another program ?

Thanks for any help, I have no idea about the questions above so any help would be most grateful.


whroeder1 2015.01.22 17:13  
You don't need to (and can't) get MT4's feed. You get the bars, and do what you want with that. Search offline charts.
Anamorphic 2015.01.22 17:24  

Are you saying that for realtime data - I can only get access to the display that MT4 produces and that's it ?  If I want access to the data I need to download it from the History ? 

Anamorphic 2015.01.26 09:33  

Does anyone know if I can get access to the realtime forex data ?

If not, what format is the history data in ?


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