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Expire time of orders

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neverman 2015.01.19 10:11 


I got a problem with my broker. During news my order are executed at least 20 seconds after ordering (latency is 10 ms - not a factor). Orders are BUY or SELL.

1. Is there a way to set time expire of orders, because after sending me order, I have no control to stop it if it not executed yet?

2. Also, i'm usually send 2 different orders, the first is not executed at all, the second  - after requoting it is executed  with many seconds delay. So the second question is

"Is there some expire time for BUY or SELL order executing?". I'm trying to find a reason why only one of the orders is executed, the other not.

Thanks in advance

Namthanduan Kahmei
Namthanduan Kahmei 2015.01.25 13:39  

check your internet connection

requotes delays execution and order may not execute at all if combine with slow net

trade context busy

you can let it sleep for sometime and retry

gadget 2015.01.26 16:55  

1) of course. You can use the expiry time... But you will need to check with the broker what minimum time is allowed (and often, you have to search yourself, and check this value as brokers sometimes change it). For example, few brokers would allow you to put an expiration of 20 seconds!

2) there can be different reasons. Have you checked the slippage value? Try to put a large number of points and see if that makes a difference?

You could also run the same system on a test account of a different broker...

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