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What is the Best Trade Account with Back Testing Data

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Tim 2015.01.16 21:33 

I'm looking for a new trading account (to trade the DAX30) that offers its account holders access to their own historical data. I appreciate I'm not likely to get historical data for 'Free' so am prepared to pay for the account.

I currently use IG but they only offer 6 months of free data it would seem. 

Any advice guidance appreciated.



Андрей 2015.02.02 00:54  
Traders who are eager to try a trading idea in a live market often make the mistake of relying entirely on backtesting results to determine whether the system will be profitable. While backtesting can provide traders with valuable information, it is often misleading and it is only one part of the evaluation process. Out-of-sample testing and forward performance testing provide further confirmation regarding a system's effectiveness, and can show a system's true colors, before real cash is on the line. Good correlation between backtesting, out-of-sample and forward performance testing results is vital for determining the viability of a trading system.
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