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Import tick data to MT4 for Strategy Tester

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Hi there,

I'd like to import tick data from which is in the below format.

EUR/USD,20090501 00:00:00.365,1.32436,1.32451
EUR/USD,20090501 00:00:00.371,1.32437,1.32452
EUR/USD,20090501 00:00:00.605,1.32439,1.32454

MT4 exports as below.


The format from MT4 uses 1 min bars with OHLC and Peppers tone is providing bid and ask price for each tick.

I should be able to code a script to format this once I know what the outcome should be.

Did a search for "import tick data into mt4" and came across this article which looked like exactly what I was looking for:

Lol, oh well.  After looking through 7 pages of articles my unseasoned research skills didn't locate anything of value.

Could you please advise / refer me to a relevant article?

Best regards.

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  
Google for Birt's Earview and/or TickStoryLite and read waht is offered there..
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