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Drawing Objects Question

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With the following code, I can place a dot at the bottom of a candle, for a specific value.  I would like to place a second dot below the first, for a second value.  Can anyone show me how to accomplish this?  I would also like to know how to add spacing between the first dot and the candle, so that the dot is not touching the candle.


         ObjectCreate(StringConcatenate("MidASymblA",TimeCurrent()), OBJ_ARROW, 0, Time[1],vLa+_Point);       
         ObjectSet(StringConcatenate("MidASymblA",TimeCurrent()), OBJPROP_ARROWCODE,  108);              
         ObjectSet(StringConcatenate("MidASymblA",TimeCurrent()), OBJPROP_COLOR, White);  
         ObjectSet(StringConcatenate("MidASymblA",TimeCurrent()), OBJPROP_ANCHOR, ANCHOR_TOP);
         ObjectCreate(StringConcatenate("MidASymblAs",TimeCurrent()), OBJ_ARROW, 0, Time[1],NSpread+_Point);       
         ObjectSet(StringConcatenate("MidASymblAs",TimeCurrent()), OBJPROP_ARROWCODE,  108);              
         ObjectSet(StringConcatenate("MidASymblAs",TimeCurrent()), OBJPROP_COLOR, White);  
         ObjectSet(StringConcatenate("MidASymblAs",TimeCurrent()), OBJPROP_ANCHOR, ANCHOR_TOP);
Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  


really, isn't this something you can find out yourself?

ObjectCreate() has price variable which you have to set. If you want it in relation to another price start from there and add or subtract a portion or what ever..

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