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URGENT : NEED HELP from all MetaTrader 4 experts

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David 2014.12.01 15:16 
Dear Experts, Please advise me if it is possible for someone, or some fake brokerage company to create a "live" customer account on MT4, and post false transactions/trades on their account history, to give them the impression that the brokerage did carry out the transactions for them? Reason why I asked is, there is this company by the name of Aspen Managed Commodities which is getting people to invest in their company by telling customers to give money to them, and only reveal to customers the trades that had been carried out on MT4. Is it possible to create scam trades on MT4 for individual accounts? If yes, what method did this company use, to create false trades on the MT4 platform? Regards Confused
whroeder1 2014.12.01 15:51  
  1. If ll they give you are printouts, that can be anything. Usually the scammers show you false records.
  2. If they give you the account and investor password, you can download the trade from the broker yourself. (But see #3)
  3. Some, open a dozens of separate accounts with a small deposit each. Each account gets their EA with different parameter settings. They show you the one that succeeded and hide all the ones that lost.
  4. If they won't give you a EA that works on your broker's demo account, for a reasonable time (1 month,) I wouldn't touch it.
David 2014.12.01 16:11  
Dear WHRoeder First, thank you for your forthcoming reply, I have further questions; 1. What is the definition of EA? 2. The company showed me a account that is logged into a live account that was setup by them, and the transaction history on the MT$ platform showed various trades done at different times of the day, from Monday till Friday. 3. The suspicious part is that out of every 15 trades shown on the transaction history, there are only 1 or 2 trades are losses, the rest are all gains. Is this possible in the real trading world? or is it a scam?? Please advise. Thank you Confused
JDeel 2014.12.01 16:49  

EA = Expert Advisor. This is a small program that contains instructions (trading strategy) telling MetaTrader when and how to trade. This is automated trading.

Yes, many trading strategies have more profits than losses, where each profit is smaller that any loss and often this leads to margin call, but this depends on the strategy :)

David 2014.12.01 16:58  
Dear JDeel, So you mean to tell me, if a customer of this company, can view individual trades listing the times and prices of the futures trades on the transaction history of MT4 platform, it means that the trades are genuine? Please advise.
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