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Forex Taurus
Forex Taurus 2014.11.26 01:18 

Is there a way to create an Alert thru script that shows in the Terminal Window, that is it would mimic Alert Editor?
I don't want to use Alert().  Instead I want to be able to access the list of Alerts (using a script) on the Alerts Tab in Terminal Window and then if whatever conditions are met, create an Alert on the Alerts Tab.


 Terminal Window 


Alert Editor 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.11.27 08:32  
Only with WINAPI call.
Saravanakumar D
Saravanakumar D 2015.09.25 13:37  
Only with WINAPI call.

I woud like to have an example code.. if some one know.. kindly help me..

with thanks and Regards

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