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moonsboy 2014.11.15 06:20 

Dear friends,

Is there a way or function available to check the correspondence between lots and units of different symbols on my account?

I searched on this site and didn't find it.
Or where can I find the list of lots/units correspondence with different symbols?
I know it's '1 lot=100000 units' for most Forex. 
But how about other Forex, all CFD, gold, metal and commodities?

Looking forward to your early friendly help!  :-)

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2014.11.15 07:25  

It can differ between brokers.

If you press Ctrl + u, the symbols window will open

Then select the symbol and click on properties 

moonsboy 2014.11.16 06:23  
Thanks. But anyone knows if the lot units correspondence can be got by some functions or program?
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