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New Article: Why Virtual Hosting On The MetaTrader 4 And MetaTrader 5 Is Better Than Usual VPS - page 2

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allien 2015.09.14 08:36  
great shared conversation!!
dk0h 2017.02.01 10:45  
Alfred Deller:

Good day ;what are the rent fees for metatrader 4 ? Is this virtual hosting also efficient to run strategy tester efficiently (high CPU usage) ? 


I believe strategy tester cannot be run on virtual hosts; only signals, experts and indicators may be "copied" to the "virtual" MT4 terminal.

Rentals start at USD10.00 per month (at time of writing this).

dk0h 2017.02.01 10:47  

This looks interesting.  Is there a way to run executable files however as part of EA's?  

 Lets say I want to call an external mail program to send html emails and attach screenshots to the email.  I'm using a VPS to do so. Is it possible to do shell calls and use the "Files" directory on such a hosted MT4 session? 

From the T&Cs of virtually hosted MT4 terminals: you cannot run any experts using externally DLL calls, and external files may only be written to or read from; I am unaware of "shell" scripts, although I pretty much believe this would not be possible either (Windows does not handle jailed shells well).
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