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Wassim Ghannoum
Wassim Ghannoum 2014.10.20 22:19 


Currently i have installed MT4 Report on my online server, and i am getting all the data of MT4 into mySQL database.

I am  looking for a solution to have the data of MT4 in MongoDB insteaf of mySQL

I know that i can sync mySQL database to MongoDB but this is not the best solution as the performance is too critical for me..

Your help is so appreciated 

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.10.21 07:58  

1) You'd better ask in MongoDB-Forum

2) Connections with pipes, sockets dlls and even files (mt4 of Windows' "kernel32.dll" Files) should work - but has to be coded.

2) At last mt4 can use Windows' shell32.dll and ShellExecuteW(..) to run e.g. a powershell script.

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