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Heiken Ashi values

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Asiwaju Williams Olayemi Mim
Asiwaju Williams Olayemi Mim 2014.10.07 02:56 

Hi all ,

I have searched this site without success , i need a function that will give me the values of the default Heiken Ashi candles on MT4 platform.

I need help with getting the value of the white candle and the red candle ?

I am currently working on an EA that will buy on white Heiken Ashi Candle , and sell on the red candle.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.10.07 06:23  

1) search in this forum for Heiken Ashi.

2) Look at the code to understand the values.

3) Google for explanations and interpretations of HA.

4) Look for Open and Close in the MarketWatch and Red- and White-bars on the chart.

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