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Heiken Ashi.mq4 Histogram

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paul williams
paul williams 2014.09.27 11:07 

trying to figure out how the Heiken Ashi histogram actually works?

any help appreciated.

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.09.27 11:23  
Have a little look into the source code?
paul williams
paul williams 2014.09.27 11:40  
ok thanks. yes had a look but just can't figure out what's happening. any clues appreciated.
whroeder1 2014.09.27 13:07  

Histograms work in pairs

#property indicator_color1 LIGHT1
#property indicator_color2 DARK1
#property indicator_color3 LIGHT2
#property indicator_color4 DARK2

double RangeWickUp[],    RangeCandleUp[],
       RangeWickDown[],  RangeCandleDown[];

SetIndexBuffer(0,RangeWickUp);      SetIndexStyle(0,DRAW_HISTOGRAM,0,1);
SetIndexBuffer(1,RangeWickDown);    SetIndexStyle(1,DRAW_HISTOGRAM,0,1);
SetIndexBuffer(2,RangeCandleUp);    SetIndexStyle(2,DRAW_HISTOGRAM,0,3);
SetIndexBuffer(3,RangeCandleDown);  SetIndexStyle(3,DRAW_HISTOGRAM,0,3);

O < C
RangeWickUp[shift2] = high;                  L1    H        L1
RangeWickDown[shift2] = low;                 L1             L1
                                                   Body  L2 L2 L2
                                                   Body  L2 L2 L2
RangeCandleUp[shift2] = bodyHigh;            L2             L1
RangeCandleDown[shift2] = bodyLow;           L2    L        L1

O > C
RangeWickDown[shift2] = high;                D1    H        D1
RangeWickUp[shift2] = low;                   D1             D1
                                                   Body  D2 D2 D2
                                                   Body  D2 D2 D2
RangeCandleDown[shift2] = bodyHigh;          D2             D1
RangeCandleUp[shift2] = bodyLow;             D2    L        D1
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