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Running More Than One Demo On a Single MT4 Platform

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Jackpowers 2014.09.17 04:09 

Hello I'm Trademenot,

I  been studying & Training  on writing E.A.'s  Since Last December 2013.

I back tested , now I'm Forward testing my E.A.'s Live  and I have 2 Demo Account's.

If I log out of "Demo Account 1" by signing into "Demo Account 2"  & Each "Demo Account" is running a Different EA

will the Expert Advisers Continue to Run, Like They Do When I'm Log in and viewing them?

Thank you, In Advance.

I attempted to search for this Question 1st Before Posting.

The key words baffled Me on how to look this up . Thanks for any Advice.

SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.09.17 04:51  

The EA will work on the current logged-in account. You change the account and the ea will work on the changed account and will not work to the previous account and vice versa.

Set up 2 terminal, so that you can have 2 account runs at the same time. 1 terminal means 1 account run at that time only.

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