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Can't get my point and trade signal indicators to work on the new meatatrader 4 platform

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John Hope
John Hope 2014.08.31 13:04 
Is there anybody on here who can help me please. I have had to update to the new alpari meat trader 4 platform due to getting a new pc as my last one blew up. I have installed and un-installed the new platform but I am unable to get the indicator to work or show up in the panel or folders. These files are point and figure ex4 files. I got onto alpari and the email I got explained to me that I had to open the meta editor to get the files to work. I have done this but still have no joy with this. Is this done so I will upgrade to the meta trader 5? I am getting hassled trying to sort this out. I am quite new to this and it took me ages to get it to work last time without having to go into other programs that i don't understand. If anybody can help me I would really appreciate it. 
whroeder1 2014.08.31 19:28  
  1. Us humans can't read ex4.
  2. Are you putting them in the proper folder? Data Structure in MetaTrader 4 Build 600 and Higher - MQL4 Articles
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