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Investor Login vs. Live Login.. Different Indi Signals.. (same account)

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Greetings, my first post..

I seek the answer to a question, and I am struggling to find it..  an indicator is giving different signals between the Live and Investor terminals, but it was perfectly matched for months before.
A strange occurrence, but I wonder if anyone has experienced similar ??

some more info...

On a live mt4 account, I run an EA which gets entry signals from an indicator. 

On a different PC, at another location, I log into the same live account with the Investor password.  I applied the indicator (not the EA) to the Investor account, so I can compare indicator signals with the price the EA actually enters at.

Signals on both both accounts matched perfectly until 1 week ago.. Since then, the indicator on the Investor account showed an entry signal which the indicator on the Live account did not show, and vice versa. 

I kindly ask for any experience or ideas about this, please..

Many thanks, and Kind regards.

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