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6th Degree Poly Help! - page 6

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dennisj2 2014.10.23 21:46  

All -

Sorry I disappeared for awhile. Work suddenly became very busy and this code was actually a tad more difficult than I thought it would be ... the results are spectacular although, I took a 12% draw down on one leg ... still backtesting, should have something for you all soon.

stan dacian
stan dacian 2015.03.10 10:40  

you can attach regrma-v1.mq4?

regrma-v1.ex4 15 kb
whroeder1 2015.03.10 12:49  
dennisj2: I sought to learn (or, in my case, re-learn) the math behind the poly trend line formula. Good luck with that. Least squares reduction and matrices added to the extremely complex formula and required coefficient calculations introduced by the polynomial equation is far too difficult (for me) to translate into code.
I posted my general least squares implementation Fitting a parabola - MQL4 forum
netpacman 2015.12.21 11:58  

This indicator is brilliant - the math was the hard part - check this out guys. On the yen, for last week - unfortunately, all of the other pairs I trade show two down-trending lines ("Sell Sell Sell!") Here's the indicator attached. Try this one on for size. Just look at how smooth and noise free the lines are. Makes coding the EA so much easier...

Would you please post the*.mq4 version to make it applicable on EA development?

Thank you very much


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