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partial close also results in a new order opening at the order open price and at the lot size of the partially closed order.

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Brian Kester
Brian Kester 2014.08.10 20:45 

Hi, if my EA partial-closes its order, another ticket opens down at the Orderopen price of the order that just partial - closed (which should be impossible for example in the below picture ticket #20 opens at 20 pips below the bid/Ask line)

It happens to me on different brokers, different computers, different pairs, (same EA). Here is some screenshots.

I would post code, but this i s not related to the EA i think, because how could my code open a partial-lot size order 20 pips below the bid line from an OrderClose command?

Is this a known issue?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2014.08.10 21:23  

It doesn't open a new order as such.

The original order is split into 2 separate orders, both with the same open time and open price 

Brian Kester
Brian Kester 2014.08.11 00:14  
Is that normal? How could i not know that it works like that... Oh yea, because im a noob #$%%     >>edit. sorry... no but seriously, going from the user-side to the programmer-side has made me so aware of how much i misunderstood before. learning programming is great for peoples trading i would think.
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