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Bug MetaTrader 4 application

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3043788 Schreudering
3043788 Schreudering 2014.07.24 22:55 

Hi guys,


Since a few days I can't use the MetaTrader 4 application (android).

I can open this application but it hasn't a connection with internet.

If I open it with a wifi connection, everything is all right.

I have this problem single on this application. 


Is this a bug or is this to do with my phone (Sony z1)?


Thanks in advance!


Best regards,



graziani 2014.07.25 09:58  

MT4 b636 is working without problems on my Z1 with Android 4.3, if that helps you.

From the applications point of view (MT4 in this case), there is no difference from where the data comes, wifi/3G/LTE/USB/bluetooth.

Try restart/reinstall/restart.

whroeder1 2014.07.26 11:47  
graziani: Try restart/reinstall/restart.
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