Is it Enough To Learn New MQL4/ MQL5 With C++ And Old MQL4 ?


Hello friends...

Recently  after long absence in coding I read that the new MQL4 extends fully from MQL5 and now it inherits full functionality of MQL5 and resembles C++, of course now it has OOP concept and leave the old procedural way.

As a programmer I was happy when heard this news, unfortunately after I searched, there was none of new MQL4/ MQL5Tutorial.

Of course there are reference and MQL5 reference that can be downloaded, but honestly its not a friendly tutorial that I expect, I wish its like the MQL4 eBook which is quite friendly but the downloadable MQL5 Reference is 4000 pages of PDF and looks more of dictionary.... I think its very difficult to learn from there...

I already have understood C++, and old MQL4.

I wish I don't need to read that 4000 pages PDF... where should I start now ?

Some suggest me to look for articles, but there isn't good continuous neat article about MQL5 or new MQL4.

Or if I need to really read from MQL5 Reference, considering I've understood C++ and old MQL4, which parts should I focused now ? thanks...