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Hello,that's a lot of time I don't write here!

I need help from you.

I'm trying to interface Matlab and MT4 and I tried many solutions without results.

No problems about MT4-Matlab direction because Matlab reads very well CSV format made by MT4,

but I can't import files of any kind in MT4.

If I use FileWriteArray and FileReadArray I must use BIN format but Matlab BIN is different from MT4 BIN.

I used CSV format with FileReadNumber in combination with FileSeek but FileSeek doesn't use integer index

to jump from cells,it requires the number of bytes and CSV file doesn't have  a fixed number of bytes for every cell.

It depends from the value stored,but I tried with all integer number of 2 bytes and it doesn't work the same .

Problem is : How can I inport array in MT4 from Matlab?

sorry for english.

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