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coolaid 2014.07.14 18:59 

I need to obtain the last few peak and low values of the zigzag buffer for time frames not pre programmed into mt4 all in a single EA.

I've read the source and a few articles on the zigzag implementation but am still dumbfounded.

Does any one know how it works in better terms or have an idea on how to obtain those last values?

I see I could probably resort to calculating past fractals and see which distances between up and down fractals are > than depth.

qjol 2014.07.14 19:43  

asked and answered a million times

coolaid 2014.07.14 20:36  

asked and answered a million times

Trust me if what I'm asking is out ther I would've found it. I need to find the values on custom time frames. iCustom only returns values from standard mt4 time frames.

I'm seeing if someone has a quick way around this for a single EA or at least could explain how the source works.

honest_knave 2014.07.15 04:03  

When you say "custom time frames" which ones do you mean?

There are a lot of time frames available: enum_timeframes

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