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Metatrader 4 Multi-terminal problem

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ericnyamufx 2014.07.14 15:40 there way i could trade different accounts with different server locations on the same meta trader multi-terminal software from the same forex broker.For instance i have from one broker the following accounts

Account 1.:  789456   server
Account 2 :  321654   server

Now my question is can i trade the two accounts using one meta trader 4 multi-terminal software.because nowadays forex broker are giving different servers for different account numbers and that defeats the whole purpose of meta trader 4 multi-terminal software.Please rectify that problem
ericnyamufx 2014.08.02 12:00  
Nobody can answer this question ?
Drazen Penic
Drazen Penic 2014.08.02 12:18  

You can, but you cannot trade two accounts at the same time.


To add account from the different server or brokers -> on  the File menu click "Open  an Account".

At the bottom list in the dialog that opens you have "add new broker or address ...". 

Click on that and enter server address.

After that you will be able to select that server in the login form. 

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