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mt4 fib indicator not working right anymore

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TS101 2014.07.10 18:41 


played with some new indicators and script. wasnt really what i looked for . so i delete all.

but what happened is the it screwed up the mt4 fib indicator.

if you go to propertyies of the fibo indicator

default numbers are:

0 = 0.0

0.236 = 23.6


1.618 = 161.8

2.618 = 261.8

4.236 = 423.6

so far so good. but if i delete  1.618 , 2618 and 4.236.  then it doesnt show it on the chart anymore.  thats how it should work.

but what it does it automatically fill in the properies ... only with 1= 100 . 1=161.8 . 1= 261.8 ...etc( see attacht chart.

doesnt go away anymore,even if i delete it.

i guess mt4 stores the data somewhere. where can i find this data and delete it.

or how do i solve this problem.



Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.07.10 20:04  



There is no chart attached.

I can't reproduce this behaviour.

TS101 2014.07.11 06:00  

if you look at the fibo properties. it adds the numbers to at the same level as 100 fib level automatically.

so it has stored this information somewhere in a folder within mt4 , i think . i just have to find that folder and delete it. but i cant find it.

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