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Build 670 - Signal Settings not saved

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Taskin Osman
Taskin Osman  



2014.07.09 20:50:19.004 '1637798': Signal - signal subscription disabled, enable realtime subscription in 'Signals' settings
2014.07.09 20:50:19.004 '1637798': Signal - 'xxx' for 'xxx' subscription found, 2014.08.08 expiration, disabled
2014.07.09 20:50:18.749 '1637798': previous successful authorization performed from x.x.x.x


i keep getting this problem. I enable it by CTRL+O, close it, restart mt4 and i keep getting subscription is disabled. I thought its maybe some rare issue, so i have reinstalled 670 on completely new location and same happened there.

My second question: Accounts tab inside Navigotor does not have a child with account number at all anymore, is that normal?


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