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bug - reconnecting ... not allowing offline

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When trying to run MT4 on a fresh reboot - if the internet connection is not present - then some trades fail in backtesting.

Only after reconnection of the internet connection, do the trades perform as programmed.

i.e. lots 0.1 will trade but both lots 0.24 and 2.24 will not.

i.e. it seems that upon connection that specific rules are refreshed and enabled and thus the 0.01-9 part of the trade is allowed.

It is annoying because if you plan to do some work whilst on a weekend trip and you don't have an internet connection to clear the problem .. you are stuck.

You might be 1000 km away from the hustle of life and want to do some backtesting and find you cant.

I'm not sure if it is every reboot or a change of network card that is the cause.

i.e. if running from usb it happens too.  So seems to be every reboot or every new NIC.  

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