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connection needed to backtest

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mrmedia 2014.10.31 12:04 
I logged this as a problem inside MQL5 helpdesk
But want to post here to try for a response.

When starting MT4 with no network connection many trades in the EA during backtesting do not occur.
i.e. 0.10 may trade but 0.24 will not.

Problem can arise if 
a) network connection is not established via OS
b) MT4 server does not connect with login (or is for different NIC)

i.e. once valid login or proper network connection then backtesting can proceed.

It is a problem if you want to backtest and no connection is available.

e.g. Problem can arise after every reboot. If running an OS from a USB stick, every PC has a different network card.

This 'connection' process does something, writes to a file somewhere.
It would be good if the settings were available even if after a reboot you have not 'connected'

I am wondering if there is a file I can manually copy to a safe place and copy back again that will allow me to backtest an EA without having to ensure MT4 client connects.
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