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EA was not triggered by main() after weekend. Strange, Need help

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lostbridge 2014.06.30 16:48 

The issue:

The start() function in my EA was not triggered to be run after weekend when the market was open and the ticks kept come in. 


I have run this EA for a few years so that I am pretty sure the problem is not EA itself. The problem happened in the latest 3 weekend.

This weekend, I purposely did not turn off the MT4 platform during the weekend. I know in the past my EA would run after weekend. But the start() still was not triggered.

I am using, version 4.0, build 646. I talked to and they said they did not change anything recently.


Need your help. Thanks in advance. 

Drazen Penic
Drazen Penic 2014.06.30 21:23  
  • check log files for the errors 
  • post start() function code here
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