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Mql4 Select an indice Doesnt work - page 2

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Launch agents on an idle PC. It is profitable!
c0ntr0x 2014.06.29 13:55  
qjol 2014.06.29 14:00  
either you don't have the symbol or it must be the exact symbol, example "DJ30" (capital) and not "dj30" (small)
c0ntr0x 2014.06.29 14:07  
qjol 2014.06.29 14:31  

is the code below working ? (remember you must write the exact same symbol in the box)

int OnInit()
GreenMoney 2014.06.29 14:34  

. . .

My Broker is Admiral Markets, maybe broker problem ?

Yes, it's a broker problem...since, as you say, there is nothing wrong with your code.  Contact your broker.
c0ntr0x 2014.06.29 14:41  

Thirteen ty, okay i will ask them monday. 

 qjol , dude it isnt the code, so every code work on forex or gold/silver , but nothing works on indicies.

Drazen Penic
Drazen Penic 2014.06.29 15:25  

You really expect somebody to help you when you call them stupid?

Interesting approach.

James Hodges
James Hodges 2014.06.30 06:17  

How NOT to approach some of the smartest and most helpful guys involved in Mql Programming.......

1. "Hello, i hope u can help me"

     You obviously have come to the wrong place. After all your code is fine and this is where you come to get help with broken code.

2. "As u can see the Expert Advisor is working ".. 

      I can see no such thing. You make a video of your entire screen and only make your platform take up 1/3 of it.. zoom in.. not that we are really interested now. 

3. "dude, watch the video, it doesnt work with any code." Hey "dude" we aren't surfers here.. we stopped saying dude when Windows 3.0 was new. 

4. "wow, how stupid are u, i allready told u its not the code, i checked with blank code, doesnt work ^^ rly dudes just believe me ^^  

Not so stupid that we don't know how to spell "already"..... dude.

5. "qjol dude watch video , get what the problem is and help and pls stop talking these trash i dont care how stupid u are ^^"

Yea... we see what the problem is.. however you have pretty well destroyed our desire to help you. The only trash talk is coming from you. such as......

TRASH TALK------>"wtf dude stop spam, u are stupid as shit or what ???"<------TRASH TALK

6. "And it doesnt work, why why... god pls.

And yet you beg for us to help. 

It's obvious you are in need of help. But I think you have pretty much ruined your chances of getting it from this group with your insults and disrespectful attitude.
What a shame because the answer to your poorly presented problem really was a simple one.

Please come back when you can do so with a better attitude.
It's a joy to help those that appreciate it. But, not while being insulted for your efforts.

Maybe you are just running low on sleep....  Get Well Soon....

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2014.06.30 09:59  


I really take offense at what you say!

In your point 3. 

"we stopped saying dude when Windows 3.0 was new" 

I have never referred to anyone as ''Dude'' in my whole life! Well maybe a long time ago when singing along to Mott the Hoople :)


The rest of your post is spot on.

Sadly the guy probably doesn't realise that most regular posters have got the impression that he is an arrogant prat.

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