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Bring a chart in the front on a programmed trigger action

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Zoltan Petres
Zoltan Petres  


I am struggling to solve the following problem:  I have many charts open on which I am running different analysis. In most cases, there is no action of visual check needed, but in some cases yes. What I want is to send an alarm sound, plus bring the chart in front.

I have tried many user32.dll functions to achieve this, without success. Here is my latest try. Before, I tried with the function SetForegroundWindow() as well. 

#import "user32.dll"
bool ShowWindow(int hWnd, int nCmdShow);
bool BringWindowToTop(int hWnd);

string Symb;
string Per;

if (rsi<50)
    Symb = Symbol();
    Per = Period();
    int hMDI = WindowHandle(Symb, Per);
    ShowWindow(hMDI, 5);

Does anyone has some idea how to achieve it?



Drazen Penic
Drazen Penic  

You can do it with MQL4 only:


ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_BRING_TO_TOP,0,true);  // first argument determines chart


See documentation  for ChartSetInteger() and CHART_BRING_TO_TOP example

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