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whroeder1 2014.06.26 18:30  
SDC: You are denying what is right in front of your face.
  1. You are denying reality.
  2. Taking your Wikipedia m = (y-y0)/(x-x0) that is the length (some unit) / length (same unit) the units cancel. Now you can take the arcTan(m), because m is a pure number. arctan(12) ~ 85.2o but the arctan(12 mph) is meaningless.
  3. Taking your chart. Supposed the market rises 50 pips in one hour. On the one hour chart your line is vertical. On the 15 minutes chart the line is 45. On the 1 minute chart the line is almost horizontal. How can the same movement in the same time have different angles? Answer the question.
Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2014.06.26 22:47  

1) You must not have tested the script I posted.

2) The angle is being used in a geometric sense, not in an engineering sense. The data types used to create the chart are not relevent to the math subsequently applied to that chart.

3) Because the charts are different charts constructed using different algorithms so of course they are different.

sorasit 2014.06.28 00:43  
I"s very useful .
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