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Weird functions

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Halley 2014.06.23 17:08 

I decided to open a thread for functions, that seem weird to me. It is not a bug report, just rather a warning for users.

long  ChartOpen(
   string           symbol,     // Symbol name
   ENUM_TIMEFRAMES  period      // Period

Opens a new chart with the specified symbol and period

The most weird thing about this command is that it actually opens H1 chart for most values of ENUM_TIMEFRAMES. No error, just a new unexpected chart.

A minor issue is that the period parameter type differs in Metaeditor which accepts integer.

qjol 2014.06.23 22:34  
works just fine for me !
Halley 2014.06.24 08:34  
works just fine for me !

Lucky you. Is the command ignored or does it open offline chart (if any)?

For those who want to try without coding I attached a test indicator

qjol 2014.06.24 12:58  

sorry, i thought you were talking about online charts

you are talking about offline chart ?!

then you're right it's not working

i reported it a long time ago

below is the conversation between me and servicedesk

case #968938

me: ChartOpen() doesn't open offline charts

Support team: And will not open

Support team: Closed the case


edit: Although they wrote: "Support team: And will not open"

i just tested again and it's working !

(also offline chars)

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