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stnrdgaussian 2014.06.18 21:12 


I was looking at the backtesting results (1H, every tick) for an EA that performed exceptionally well and saw trades with impossible exit points. I only enter trades on candle closes and let them run until tp/sl. It seemed as though the EA both placed the trade **and took profit** at exactly the same time, at 11:00 or 04:00 or whathaveyou, despite the tp point being 5% profit. While instant profit is certainly a nice thought, no EA could possibly behave this way.

I wiped all 1H hour and 1M and redownloaded it from the servers, in case the external data I loaded before was causing problems, but I am getting the same results. I don't see what this has to do with the EA in particular. The entries are all in the right places on the chart, and the exits are controlled by the order, so I don't see how this is a divergence between data sets.

Has anyone else ever encountered this?

qjol 2014.06.19 01:29  

no one here can say a thing for sure without seeing the code

question: a forward test is giving the same result ?

whroeder1 2014.06.19 01:33  
Gaussian: despite the tp point being 5% profit.
Without seeing the code we can only guess - there are no mind readers here.
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